The Circle of (Bike) Life? It’s all about the local community when it comes to Ian Schon.

Pens and watches? Two things you don’t often connect to bike racing, but this unlikely connection has brought a new title sponsor to the 2018 Greenfield Crit. Entering its third year in 2018, the Greenfield Criterium will be titled by Schon DSGN and Schon Horology, two companies with one thing in common: Ian Schon. Ian started making his machined metal pens under his brand Schon DSGN in 2012 and launched his handmade watches late last year as Schon Horology. Longtime team member of B2C2 and a fixture of the New England racing scene, Ian approaches sponsorship of this event from a unique vantage point. “B2C2 and the New England racing community have been really supportive of me over the years. Giving back to this team and the Greenfield Crit feels right, even if it’s a bit untraditional since my work is not really related to cycling.”

In 2009, Ian Schon was a second-year engineering student at Boston University trying to find a way to keep bike racing in his life. It was at this moment that a local club - B2C2 - took in 19-year old Ian as a new addition to the team, supporting Ian financially with race registrations and chauffeuring him to races throughout the region. For several years, the support of a local community and close-knit team to help keep Ian rolling was the difference between staying in the sport and leaving it behind. Now - nearly a decade later - Ian is an entrepreneur with two budding businesses, and he is eager to give back to the community that helped him find success in his formative years. “So many members of this community have mentored me and purchased my products in my early moments as an entrepreneur. When the team was scouting for new sponsors, I said, hey why not. I feel inspired by past sponsors and seeing what a little money in the hands of such talented and motivated community organizers can do to grow the sport and make an impact!”

Schon DSGN Pens will be available for sale on-site on June 24th at the Greenfield Crit. Stop by to see and feel what Massachusetts-made feels like.

Lydia Hausle