Sponsor Sprints: Ted Talks with Untapped Co-Founder Ted King

In our Sponsor Sprints blog mini-series, we’re profiling some of this year’s race sponsors via personal interviews. After retiring from the World Tour stage, Ted King co-founded the all-natural athletic fuel company, UnTapped. We were thrilled to grab a bit of time from Ted to catch up on how New England-based UnTapped has evolved from the early days to now. Follow Untapped for all the maple goodness you can handle on the internets @untappedmaple.

What is your role at UntTapped and how long have you been with them?

First and foremost, I maintain a healthy, lifelong obsession of maple syrup. Fast-forward to a few years ago, I’m a cofounder of UnTapped. We started the company in 2013 and really got momentum going while I raced the 2014 Tour de France and used that platform to gain momentum with a successful crowd funding campaign on the international stage. I handle a large portion of the marketing, athlete and team relationships, social media and communications, and still answer plenty of customer service questions.

UnTapped is a New England-grown company. How has the company evolved since it got its start in Vermont and how has the New England racing community played a role in that evolution?

Given that I was the only World Tour professional from New England and known for a fondness of maple syrup I would literally step off the team bus and be handed syrup by generous fans from the maple homeland. I’d take it home after races and use it for training, pour some in my water bottles, and just immediately found that it was cleaner, tastier, and much more pure than everything else out there. I knew Andrew Gardner from the New England cycling community and he introduced me to the Cochran family of alpine ski fame — they're recently started producing maple syrup under the header of Slopeside Syrup. We all understood the benefit of maple syrup for athletic performance and the idea was instantly a hit among our group. From there we brought the idea to the public; the New England cycling community and beyond took to it and the rest is history.

UnTapped started out with a simple lineup of delicious, natural maple syrup packets. Now we have waffles and drink mixes, too. What kinds of nutrition innovations can we look forward to from Untapped in the future?

We don’t want to let any cats out of the bag, but you’ll always recognize UnTapped for a very simple ingredient list and purity. We don’t use natural flavors, additives, or mysterious “agents.” Our products taste like what they’re called — maple, coffee, raspberry, lemon, ginger — because we use the real ingredient. At the end of the day, we’re selling real nutrition derived from real ingredients.

Finally, what is your personal favorite UnTapped product? For our friends who haven't tried any UnTapped products yet, what is the must-try item?

Is it too cheeky to say Whatever it is I’m eating at the time? Honestly it just shocks me how tasty our lineup of products are. Our new Chai Waffle is freaking delicious! I eat a few of those every week. Our Mapleaid drink mixes are as fresh and refreshing as any drink I’ve ever had, and that extends well beyond the sports nutrition aisle. And the original Maple UnTapped is still the foundation and best selling product we have. It’s all so so good!

photo credit: Ansel Dickey

photo credit: Ansel Dickey

Lydia Hausle